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Handstands and Backbends - CYoga

Whether you are starting a regular practise or an experienced teacher this workshop is for you.
This workshop  will be focus on handstands/ inversions .. more of the “straight” form.
Variations shall be given for different experiences. There is a lot to explore:
– getting comfortable being inverted
– strength, mobility and conditioning
– understanding and experiencing balance with physical, technical, mental and guidance on breathing preparation
– refinement of various shapes
– Different entries and safe/ efficient exits such inc. various jumps or presses
– working on/ towards/ shapes / one arm/ side bends/ movement in handstands/
Depending where your experience is now, we will start from there and develop a great programme for you!
Our second part will have a healthy spine and backbend focused. We shall explore, practise/ study frontal spinal extension, creating healthy and enjoyable backbending.We shall culminate with combining the two, understanding backbends in inversions/ scorpions/ drop backs and possibly some related arm balances.
This workshop helps you understand you individual strengths and areas for development whilst deepening your experience. Continually exploring and experiencing is important with yoga so the experience is fresh, has depth, is absorbing/ immersive, is fun and interesting. Some challenge is important for growth. We shall also cultivate important aspects of the eight limbs of yoga.