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About us - CYoga


About cyoga

Hey Im Catie!

I’m an organic vegan Yoga Coach ( trained Yoga Therapist!).

My core approach is explore and what seems impossible can be possible.

I naturally embodied yoga in a very lucid manner since childhood and delight in the play of form.

Though the asanas came much later… I left a life that included a ‘career/ work/ hedge fund lawyer’ to one where I live my Love.

My Passion guides and informs every action and this ‘all-encompassing vision’ creates love and absolute joy… but most important is the Universality of what I do.

I am spontaneous with an integrated approach to yoga, that involves dynamic connective energy. In 2008 “yoga coaching” / teaching became my main “thing”. Besides from personal self study I have and do study many areas which can effect the content of my classes/ workshops. Examples include Iyengar (I 1st attended an iyengar retreat in 2001) , Anatomy Trains/ Rolfing courses, anatomy and physiology, the art of handbalancing, contortion, pranayama, nutrition, various martial artists and more recently singing/ surfing/ diving have provided interesting insights plus many more areas!

This yoga is called CYoga and I love 

“CYoga is this ‘Magic Moment of Involvement’ with Love/ Yoga; brilliance in any situation.” Its fun!

I have a Complete Freedom approach and conduct all types of classes including one-on-one and group yoga, master classes and Yoga training intensives at some of the world’s naturally beautiful locations. Many of the Intensives I offer and co-create with others are backbend and handstand focused.

“Backbends are transforming and handstands are about creating the life you love.”

I study many styles of yoga and handstands from the inside out and transform weaker areas in one’s yoga practise to one’s greatest strengths …always expanding with passion..

Coaching, I experience bodies becoming exceptional with holistic health, strength, profound love, joy and flexibility, which allows natural understanding and relaxation into and celebration of this moment. This manifests natural beauty. So we all care for and support each other and this amazing Earth / life to the best of our ways. Experience the CYoga class and be the revolution: ‘Wherever laugh and the heart beat originates.’”

“This moment is for fun and the ‘all-encompassing vision’ creates beauty, love and absolute joy.”

“CYoga brings delight, ability and creative connection to everyone so we are all on a super fun journey.”

“Movement, words, expressions and everything spring from space, without limits. CYoga is this moment’s glory, unity and experience. We understand that all creation is here, present in our beings being realised and embraced. This is where we inhale – this is where we exhale. CYoga allows one to be all abilities. This is it!”

“I present an all-encompassing experience and find visions actualised in a totally amazing way. “

“In CYoga bodies become exceptional with holistic strength, profound love, joy and flexibility, which allows natural understanding so that relaxation into and celebration of this moment manifests in all its beauty. “

I look forward to “yogaing” with you 🙂