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About us - CYoga


About cyoga

Hey Im Catie!


I naturally embodied yoga in a very lucid manner since childhood and delight in the play of form. In a sense yoga does us instead of we doing yoga!


I have been “coaching” / “guiding”/ “teaching” yoga, handstands, pranayama, mobility. meditation full time since 2008. Before that I was a hedge fund lawyer where communication skills, attention to details and concentration were also important!  Yes in answer to what I often get asked I did enjoy law but I had a strong feeling I had to devote myself to yoga.

I qualified as a Yoga Therapist in 2008. 

I do 1:1 coaching (in-person and online, group classes, corporate classes and workshops (in person and online), teacher mentoring and yoga holidays. 

Making Yoga Accessible to Everyone

Offering yoga classes to those who would find it more difficult to access classes is important to me. The world to become a British barristers can present serious financial hurdles. I hope this is not the case for those wanting to study/ explore yoga.

For over five years I offered two free classes a week at St Stephens Church, Kings Road , London. Most joining came from St Stephens soup kitchen.

Two Christmas Days I was a yoga teacher at Crisis.

Day to day interactions can also be a demonstration in/ of yoga!

Yoga Holidays/ Retreats/ Intensives


The first yoga holidays I hosted were in Turkey and India in 2011. Now they are in many more countries from Bali to Sweden and more. Most importantly they are spaces where everyone can expand and thrive.

2023 Retreats are in Bali March 2023 and Turkey June 2023.

My core approach is to explore and what seems impossible can possibly be possible.




I have an integrated approach to yoga that involves dynamic connective energy. My Classes are very much connected with the experience of the human beings in front of me! Besides personal self study I have and do study many areas which can effect the content of my classes/ workshops. Examples include Iyengar (I 1st attended an iyengar retreat in 2001) , Anatomy Trains/ Rolfing courses, anatomy and physiology, the art of hand balancing, contortion, pranayama, nutrition, various martial artists and more recently singing/ surfing/ diving have provided interesting insights plus many more areas! I have been fortunate and am connected to many people who get to the heart in their expertise, beyond superficiality. I continuously learn from many sources.

I study many styles of yoga and handstands from the inside out and enjoy helping transform weaker areas in one’s yoga practice to one’s greatest strengths …always expanding with passion..

Coaching, I experience bodies becoming exceptional with holistic health, strength, profound love, joy and flexibility, which allows natural understanding and relaxation into and celebration of this moment. This manifests beauty so  we all care for and support each other and this amazing Earth / life to the best of our ways. 

I have authored two yoga books on Amazon This Is It ; Enlightenment with CYoga and a yoga DVD and created yoga online content for many companies such as BOSH. 

I have articles and sequences published in magazines such as Om Yoga Magazine, Yoga Magazine and Mantra. In September 2013 I was Yoga Magazines Teacher of the Month.



Yoga for Special Needs/ Autism


Working with Special Needs has been a consistent thread for over 25 years.

At school I helped teach special needs children swimming.

At University I helped special needs young adults and adults with maths, english and some other subjects.

Whilst teaching yoga I have worked long term with some children and and 2 adults through the medium of yoga and taichi.


Online/  Corporate and Teacher Trainings


In 2020 I started to offer regular group and 1:1 classes online. Some of the classes/ workshops were for companies such as Deepmind, London and some online companies .

Before 2020 I also gave regular classes/ workshops to companies such as Google, Deepmind, a hedge fund company, art galleries and many more.

I gave workshops/ classes over many years at many festivals such as Sedona Yoga Festival, Mind Body Spirit Festival, The Yoga Show, Gili Air Yoga Festival.

I have taught Advanced Asana on Teacher training and mentor/ train many yoga teachers.

In 2022 I gave a workshop on how Pranayama/ Breathwork can help combat loneliness at Deepmind, London plus many varied workshops on other topics in a multitude of places/ countries. A few studios I have given workshops at include Bikram Yoga, Nairobi, Flowers and Fire, Gili Air, Light Centre, London, Serenity Studio, Indonesia, Vienna, Beirut Yoga Center, and many more. 

I find an ‘all-encompassing vision’ creates love and absolute joy with the experience of Universality in what I do. There are many wonderful fruits of yoga and I love the sense of connection.

I look forward to creating something together. Feel free to message me to book a class (online or in person) or see you at a workshop/ retreat.


Experience CYoga and be the revolution: ‘Wherever laugh and the heart beat originates.’”

“CYoga brings delight, ability and creative connection to everyone so we are all on a super fun journey.”

“Movement, words, expressions and everything spring from space, without limits. CYoga is this moment’s glory, unity and experience. We understand that all creation is here, present in our beings being realised and embraced. This is where we inhale – this is where we exhale. CYoga allows one to be all abilities. This is it!”

“I present an all-encompassing experience and find visions actualised in a totally amazing way. “

“In CYoga bodies become exceptional with holistic strength, profound love, joy and flexibility, which allows natural understanding so that relaxation into and celebration of this moment manifests in all its beauty. “


Classes I offer:

    • 1-2-1 in-person and online


    • Group classes in-person and online


    • retreats, intensives and workshops


  • Classes of various lengths possible

    1 Class

    3 Classes

    6 Classes


    1 Class
    (60 min)

    3 Classes

    6 Classes


    10 Class Pass

    Drop in booked 24 hours ahead

    Handstand Blocks £45