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CYoga is now one of the leading – and most exciting – yoga schools. It is ‘the University’ of CYoga.  We have open masterclasses/ workshops regularly for the details.

The experience of a CYoga class has been described as “pure peace”, “showed me a place beyong time and location”, “enlightenment, “avant-garde”, “exciting”, “fun, “developed my yoga more than any other class, “amazing”, “wonderful, “I feel beautiful in Catherine’ s class”, “amazing”, “now I feel so inspired”, “Catherine’s precision and understanding of the body is exceptional and I feel blessed to have experienced this”, “amazing grace!”, “ if you want to experience yoga join a CYoga Class with no expectations, one moment it can feel like ballet, the next martial yet the experience of yoga is always so present – the CYoga Class shows what yoga is beyond form such as asana, pranayama and kriyas”, “do not miss a CYoga Class! “, “works flexibility and strength is a way that is unique, profound and deep”, “We belly laugh and I haven’t experienced that in a yoga class before”, “made great friendship in the CYoga Class”, “I am now enlightened”, “I now get yoga – Catherine shows how simple yoga is – I love CYoga”, “the leading yoga”, “I burst with joy a11 the way home … loved it”.




Cyoga Sessions
Cyoga Sessions
Mon Tue Wed All Open Classes @ CYoga Studio 1 Universally Acclaimed and loads of fun.Connect with the source and Be in The Best Shape of Your Life.Thurs Fri Sat Sun
12 – 1 CYoga Open Class @ Fitness First, South Kensington6 – 7pm

CYoga Vinyasa Flow

Open Class

At Dolphin Fitness












1:1 day :)   1:1 day(for one of our highly sought after private sessions email enquiries to  email to book 





19:15 – 20:15 …Vinyasa Flow @ Dolphin Fitness (more advanced than Tuesday one. In this one always introducing new and funky and strong connection ways with love and support)



1:1 day  

11:15 am – 12:15 pm CYoga @ Fitness First, South Kensington


13:15 -14:15 @ fitness first sth ken



Book Here for Hot CYoga

11/05/12 – 13/05/12 – Vienna – Austria
Mind Body Spirit Festival 2012

31/05/12 1.30 pm
02/06/12 5.30 pm


CYoga is in Kiev, Ukraine in December 2012 …. email for
workshop at Chaitanya
And for 1:1 sessions in Kiev


Dublin Workshop – October 2013 – Details Coming Soon

February 2014 Joyfully Delighted to be a Presenter at Sedona Yoga Festival
February 6th – 10th 2014 and sharing a 1ove Awesome CYoga Workshop Thank you Marc and Heather x 1ove and Joy a11ways :)



Yoga Show 2013

The Art of CYoga – There are no Reference Points
(more info)

Unfolding from the Core
(more info)

Enlightenment with CYoga – It is very simple!
(more info)

There is no Other

CYoga through the Back and Front Heart

Awakening to the Trinity to deepen into what is Here Now (palm, sole and armpit space)

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Highly soulght after 1:1 Tuition with one of the leading and most exciting “yogi’s, who is based in Chelsea, London.

Catie is author of the Indispensable Yoga Guides: This It: Enlightenment With CYoga.

CYoga works in a variety of styles. This shows the essence of yoga which is beyond style. CYoga can involve; yoga asanas; meditation, breathwork (pranayama); pilates; t’ai chi; martial artistry; voice and dance work. This allows one to be all abilities. This is it. A Class can have a focus on one area such as asana work; Cor Work; life coaching; presentation skills; tai chi; meditation; breath; CYoga Bodywork (This is a holistic treatment done on a firm futon or mat on the floor with the receiver dressed in light clothes). Enjoy and Relax!

Regardless of focus the Session is Pure Yoga


Simply the Intention for the Session can be greater flexibility; relaxation; a connected and joyful life; achieving life goals.

Energies that can present are play with this (this moment!), work with this and seeing through this.

Interplay that can present are:
1. the feeling of the ground
2. a sense of space
3. the utilisation of C energy!

Examples of focus led sessions are :

CYoga Tai Chi

CYoga Tai chi involves a fusion that shows the essence of martial artistry/ yoga/ dance that is beyond form.

Martial work can be dominant. CYoga Tai Chi can involve: tai chi ; qigong *(energy work); yoga asanas; martial artistry;

breathwork (pranayama); pilates; dance work; voice work. This allows one and all abilities.


CYoga Cor work

CYoga Cor works with a deep awareness of the core body muscles thereby allowing for a maximum deep

and internal core strength within the centre of the body. The CYoga Cor is often greeted with expressions of amazement.

Own the CYoga Cor yourself!

Be Aware might be greeted with :Cor Blimey where did you get that?!

Simply CYoga can relax and release tension; showing how everyone can enjoy effortless movement and freedom.

Essence of CYoga Tuition

This is transmission of the CYoga essence. If one understands/ is the essence of CYoga the asana/ position

is always perfect.

This is a limitless vision that transcends form and continues to be the core of the CYoga movement.

Involves silent meditation, discussion topics and simple movements;

- The interplay of CYoga’s three energies with more focus on Seeing Through This;

- The CYoga Essence;
- Awaken? What’s That;
- Finding the source within;
- There is no boundary; expansion? One is This; Experience of This;
- (The CYoga KIS) Keep It Simple;
- Who am I? Understand what one is;

CYoga Bodywork

This is a holistic treatment done on a firm futon or mat on the floor with the receiver generally dressed in light clothes.

CYoga Bodywork is holistic and involves acupressure, Yoga, reflexology, physiotherapy, fascial works, meditation, cranial sacral works, energy work, chiropractic and Ayurveda. Hands, feet and elbows apply pressure on energetic points, in combination with gentle stretching, fascial release/ space work, and applied yoga.

The fee(a)t work covers the reflex zones and can use a wooden stick

This allows the body’s natural healing ability.

This is a graceful treatment and beautiful to have.


Many have mentioned the amazing healing ability of Catherine’s hands and presence – this is a prime chance to experience this.

Catherine shares how this is always available to anyone.

Some recent feedback from CYoga bodywork sessions

“amazing….i could write a book about it … i felt extraordinary space in a very neutral way. I wanted to cry.not from sadness but from the immense beauty … i felt an injection of light energy into various body parts which felt strange but not in a bad way. I now feel so balanced, alert and clear … sometimes after other bodywork I have receiv…ed I just want to sleep.”

“I felt the most extraordinary energy from your body …amazing….i feel a completeness and balance”

“When you made contact with me it felt utterly natural and soo comfortable …like nothing had happened yet great like we were one, with massages and cranio work I can initially react when touched. When you removed contact it was done with grace and felt right…”

“I felt an indescribable lightness of being … this has stayed with me”.

“My pain disappeared. Did I ever have it?!”

“I felt and now understand no time”



CYoga Voice Tuition

The Present Voice. Natural and effortless communication with and without the voice.

Email for details.

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