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Spectrum Yogaretreat Turkey
The most uplifting and nourishing Yoga Holiday! We are heading back to beautiful Southern Turkey to provide all you need for inner harmony, relaxation, the luscious rush of feel-good hormones – and of course a wide range of spine-tinglingly blissful nature, fun, connection, immense creativity and social time. All created : to see your asanas blossom! All levels are welcome with space to expand ones yoga and play-shop anything specifically requested!

This holiday is held at the amazing yoga retreat centre of Spectrum, right at the foot of the Golgei mountains in Southern Turkey, and is described by previous guests as… “the ultimate yoga holiday…each teacher brings so much unique expertise and inspires”, “life transforming and healing”, “Fantastic yoga, tasty food (fresh & home-grown-made), inspiring environment”, “a magical space to energise and recharge.”

Holiday Highlights:Yoga twice dailyYoga foundationsashtanga/ rocket/ yinHandstand & arm balances Vinyasa Flow with a special emphasis on back-bends Thai Yoga Massage Breath-work (pranayama) and meditation. Yummy scrummy organic vegan and vegetarian meals Accommodation – mountain views, handmade decorations with positive affirmationsYoga cat & dogYoga mats provided. See you in TurkeyDalyan Local Leisure Activities (optional):Turkish Baths (Hammam)Turtle beach & boat tripsMud baths Mountain walks & ancient city ruinsLocal market Massage & other therapies Cookery lessons
£750, £680 for previous attendees of cyoga holiday

£690 early bird ..25% deposit paid by 01/03/18

Balance for everyone paid by 6 weeks before holiday start date.

You will be lead to great physical posture and confidence to embrace to world as your own. The whole art of handstands provides perfect fitness. In the back bending, or opening the front of the body workshops you shall find great happiness, ease and a transforming consciousness. Backbends are magical. Backbends are transforming and handstands are about creating the life you love.

The morning sessions will be general yoga classes, a great start to your day, with varying focuses. In the afternoon, you shall focus on vinyasa, rocket,, backbends and yin. With the handstand work, everyone shall find a place to be comfortable in some handstand variation and everyone shall find that they expand their abilities.

Beginners will be encouraged to find their first handstand, and all will experience the various ways to enter a handstand from kicking to the various pressing up ways (such as straddling, tucking up or pressing up), to finding movement within a handstand to learning the steps to one arm handstand.

You shall experience optimum handstand alignment, with partners and solo. You shall warm up the body, strengthen the abs and back muscles, open the shoulders and experience alignment in plank and in many handstand variations.

Catie Foroughi
Catie is author of “This Is It, Enlightenment with CYoga and teaches master classes internationally. Catie shares a core approach that anything is possible. She is spontaneous with an original and integrated approach to yoga. Her dynamic energy connects with everyone, and she developed her own formless / form of yoga – Cyoga. Cyoga is this “Magic Moment of Involvement with Love/Yoga; brilliance in any situation.

Catie would describe herself as an organic vegan yoga coach (trained yoga therapist).

ach and conducts all types of classes including one-on-one and group yoga, master classes and yoga training intensives at some of the worlds most naturally beautiful locations including Turkish gulets on the Azure sea, Italian farmhouses, presenting at the red rocks of Sedonas yoga Festival; anywhere and everywhere.

Many of the intensives she offers and co-creates with others are backbend and handstand focused. Backbends are transforming and handstands are about creating the life you love. She also has a strong hub of London yoga family, students and clients. Catie has studied many styles of yoga and handstands from the inside out and she is able to transform weaker areas in ones yoga practice to ones greatest strengths.

Adriana’a Ashtanga and Rocket sessions topped with some insertions on backbends, hands-on adjustment and yin.
Ashtanga and Rocket are energising, fun and self-empowering;
Backbends are character building through opening and exposing ourselves – a major psychological threshold;
Yin facilitates regaining our energy flow, stamina and skyrockets our flexibility in the hips, pelvis, inner thighs, lower spine. These areas are especially rich in connective tissues.
We are delighted to put together this format for the second year.


“My love for massage therapy started from a very young age. I completed my degree in Kinesiotherapy and got a fully therapist license in 2001. In 2007 I graduated from WAT PO in Thailand were I was introduced new techniques and types of treatments.
I always combine my knowledge when it comes to body work according to clients needs providing indulgent& personalised treatments.
My love for yoga started in 2013 when I established my small business in a yoga centre. Life changed for me after that and it was a starter point to explore a deeper connection between mind/body/spirit.
Transferring this vibe in a yoga retreat gives me such happiness. Connect on a daily basis with the yogis and treat them depending on their yoga practice and where they want to improve or just give them an Holistic treatment near nature, where the body feels more grounded and the heart rate and breathing patterns slow down! Looking forward to create with Catie and Adriana a week of magic”.

We shall also have some special one off sessions with very special talents.