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Inverted Backbends with Anastasis Yoga and CYoga - CYoga

A 2 hour workshop on inversions and backbends.

Message asap to book your place .. only 15 spaces and less are left.

Part 1 focus is the understanding of the ‘straight line’ form in headstand, forearm balance and #handstands .. which shall include shoulder opening and position exercises. It shall also cover ways of entry/ exit and split work ( to make some ways more easy/ graceful).
Part 2 is backbend training with the wall, solo, with friends. Understanding chest stands , doing them or exercises to prepare ones body for them. Then we work on the combined Magic of #backbends and #inversions.
.. It’s super useful to have the two of us in the workshop, as it’s for all levels of experience with some exercises we will give different people in the group different options.

Capacity: 15
Price: £30