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Yoga retreat with focus on Handstands, Backbends and Partner Acro - CYoga

Borntorpet 739 92, Skinnskatteberg, Sweden 5th -11th September 2019

Expand, Nurture, Improve and Expand your Yoga practice, Breath, Handstands and Backbends. Also explore the creativity and connection of Partner Acrobatics. See how the breath makes so much accessible, rejuvenates and creates a relaxed enjoyment in any challenge.

We are hosted by the world famous ‘Shambala Gatherings’ retreat centre, quietly situated in a Swedish forest surrounded by tranquil lakes. Shambala is particularly renowned for the community feel that is created when ‘strangers quickly become friends’, for the wholesome vegan food made from local and mostly homegrown organic ingredients, and its beautiful location in Nordic nature . Other features of the centre include the availability of a variety of massage treatments and the use of their floating sauna.

Co-run by Catie Foroughi, Suzie Q and Toby J

Holiday Benefits:

• Advance your yoga practice, with a handstand, arm balance and back-bend focus
• Explore Partner Acro, structured for newcomers up to advanced students
• Experience the transformations and restoration in yin and meditation
• Immersion into the beauty of lush Nordic nature
• Get nourished with local organic vegan cuisine

Our focus is to support you, create space for you to relax, and connect to yourself, nature and everyone present. There shall be at least two sessions a day, meals provided and ample time to rejuvenate and explore our beautiful location.

Our retreat centre this year, Shamabala Gatherings, is great place to rejuvenate your spirit by exploring the surrounding beautiful lush forest and lakes, enjoying the evening sauna, dipping in a tranquil lake and trying some of the in house bodywork therapies: Massage, Craniosacral Therapy, Full Body Oil Massage and Meditation Floating Tank.

All sessions are suitable for beginners to intermediate, to advanced/ embodied/professional practitioners

More about:

Partner Acrobatics:

Joining forces with another person makes for a powerful energetic connection as you work together to create shapes and flows. There is nothing quite like the communication, balance and the overwhelming sense of trust – both in yourself and in another human – that comes from Partner Acro.

Partner Yoga:

Partner stretching helps you explore deeper ranges of motion than what is possible stretching on your own. We will be doing both restorative style sessions as well as more dynamic/end range movements. It’s all about communicating – sharing your experience with another person, guiding them to help you go deeper. Above all else, trusting your body and your judgement of what is best for your body in the moment.


3 vegan meals are provided by Shamabala daily: breakfast, lunch and dinner.

A few words from the cooks below:

“The kitchen is the heart of Shambala. We just love to make delicious vegetarian food for you. We not only use the best possible ingredients, including organic products, but we also take care of food combinations to ensure that you are in top energetic shape all throughout the retreat.

Many people have felt throughout the years, that one of the peak experiences of Shambala has been in the kitchen!

We have chosen to have an open and warm feeling in the kitchen where food is prepared amidst singing songs, laughter and creativity that comes from the navel and the heart.

On the menu selection process we inspire ourselves in the Ayurvedic tradition of food preparation and proper food combination.

Our vegan, gluten-free cuisine uses mainly organic products, and locally produced vegetables when possible.”


Depending on the arrival and departure time of the guests, the program for the first and last days will be adapted to accommodate the group:

8am – Morning Session

10am – Breakfast

11am Free time (our favourite activities are journaling, hiking, dipping in the lake, receiving massage session, Acro jamming time or just sit and watch the stillness of the lakes)

1pm Lunch

3pm Free time

5pm – Afternoon Session

7pm – Dinner

8pm – Sauna, Kirtan Yin or Free time

Check in is 4pm on 5th September check out is 3pm on 11th September

Class/ meal times can change.


The total price for the holiday is £790 when paid in full before 10th June

Price from 10th June – £850


10% off for previous attendees of our Holidays
What’s Included in The Price

Daily Yoga for 6 days
3 Vegan Meals a day
Shared accommodation (twin or triple rooms) for 6 nights
1 evening singing / Kirtan session
Sauna Access

Location & Travel information:

Shambala is situated 5 minutes from a town called Skinnskatteberg, 2 hours north of Stockholm in Sweden:

Coming by Air

The nearest airport to Shambala is Stockholm Vasteras. You can fly from all over Europe to that airport with the low fair airline From Vasteras airport, you can take a taxi to the train station in Vasteras and from there take a train to Skinnskatteberg. To view train times, visit this website

The second nearest airport is Arlanda airport. This is the main airport in Sweden. From there you can easily take a train all the way to Skinnskatteberg. Again visit for train times and information.

Coming by Train

We are fortunate to have a train station at Skinnskatteberg, a few minutes from the center. For train times, visit

Coming by Car

If you are coming from Stockholm, please take road E18 towards Oslo. After having passed through Vasteras, take a right on rute 66 towards Ludvika. After about 30kms, take a left on road 233 towards Skinnskatteberg. Right before arriving at the center of town you will see on your right a company called Team Däck, turn right at this point and follow the dirt road to Borntorpet.

If you are coming from anywhere else in Sweden, please check for maps.

Catie Foroughi is an organic vegan Yoga Coach and trained Yoga Therapist, with a core approach that anything is possible. She remains spontaneous with a highly original & integrated approach to yoga, and a dynamic connective energy. An experienced teacher, Catie developed her own formless/form of yoga – Cyoga.

“CYoga is this ‘Magic Moment of Involvement’ with Love/ Yoga; brilliance in any situation.”

Catie has a Complete Freedom approach and conducts all types of classes including one-on-one and group yoga, master classes and Yoga training intensives at some of the world’s most naturally beautiful locations. Many of the Intensives she offers and co-creates with others are backbend and handstand focused.

“Backbends are transforming and handstands are about creating the life you love.”

Suzie and Toby
Suzie Q and Toby J are Aerialists, Acrobats and three time Australian Pairs Pole Champions. Toby is a former US Cheerleader and Australian Sports Acrobatic Champion. Suzie is trained in Rocket, Yin and Purna Yoga and is the author of the book The Stripper Next Door. She has led retreats around the world and has been a guest presenter at the Evolve Yoga Festival in Byron Bay, Shakti Camp in Greece and The Utsava Maa Goddess Festival in Rajasthan.

The pair are avid believers that ‘Life is better upside down’ and appreciate the perspective shift that comes from getting inverted. They are also the creators of ‘Handstand February’ a global group celebrating a shared love of getting upside down and the importance of regular practice.