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In Om Magazine September 2015




In Celebration of I/
this Glorious Moment
We have multifarious Beautiful Experiences Here
We 1ove the play of infinite medium in this Creation

1. The Indispensable Yoga Guides

This Is It: Enlightenment With CYoga (Buy now on amazon)

Review of This Is It II: Enlightenment With CYoga, by Andrea Tteja, Yoga guide. Founder of Natures Rhythm Yoga,

2. 1ove Supreme Joyful CYoga Choreography

Seen over 3 pages of Om mag this september, and in OM mag 2013 … (see photos)

3. CYoga DVD for Super Yoga Mastery and Fitness

Location buying from

4. CYoga Clothes

A11 for wearing what you are wearing because you are super hot and a God!1

Limited Edition CYoga Marzipants :) (I 1ove CYoga on pocket)

They are beautiful, best on.

CYoga Marzipants – £22

CYoga Fisherman Marzipant Trousers

Location buying from

email to check what colours we have in stock, otherwise you get a joyful surprise/ lucky dip!

5. Exclusive Set of Prints Created by

The Paul Van Gelder/ CYoga Collaboration.
We have a Limited Edition 15 sets (3 Prints in 1 Set) of
“Catie :) Today’s Yogi Queen”.

Signed by The Creators.

£150 for a Complete Set of 3 Prints.
£55 for 1 Canvas Print of The Set.

Love love love