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You and I :) 1

These are Organic.

On a Fun – damental grounding many love love love CYoga :) its Joy, lifeforce, Truth, Presence, Oneness Experience/ Understanding, Genius, Vitality, Health, 1ove, richness, Generosity, Warmth, Fun, games of shark^ dolphin, exceptional naughtiness.

This Creates many who with the Presence of CYoga Opens Sessions, 1-1’s, Workshops, Conferences, The CYoga Experience/ Performances naturally have Brilliance that Shines in a11 Venues.

CYoga loves the Organic yet internally directed approach to becoming qualified with CYoga.

Cyogo Photo
Cyoga Photo

CYoga a11ways inspires, guides and teaches “the teacher” (including yoga, dance and martial art teachers ) with its Absolute Clarity and Experience of One.
This tuition is beyond discipline. Smack!

Subjects of pratayahara, dharana, dhyana, and drishti within a vinyasa context are Experienced. CYogi’s have amazing Energetic/ physical yoga.

The Entry Requirement is Presence Here Now.

a ‘Place of Great Space’ and an ‘All Encompassing Vision’. This ‘Vision Creates Beauty, Love and Absolute Joy’. I ‘Delight in the Ability’ of Form

The CYQ Qualification covers:

- The three principles and energies of CYoga in their interplay with CYoga form and beyond form.

The energies are Playing with This, Working with This and Seeing through This.

The three principles are:
1. The ground
2. Space
3. C energy

- Anatomy and physiology in asanas and presence.

- Guidance on this integrated and interactive art.

- Letting go and being; its role;

- Soft, soft, soft. Almost left off this list! Which of course is fluid. Those who are yoga teachers at CYoga sessions al1ways mention “ wow, I’ve never experience such softness in a yoga class”. Which ahem is lovely to hear. Anyhow Experience It: Guide In It: Be in Bliss with It. It comes naturally with CYoga!

- effortless movement; freedom with this.

- The CYoga Art: – CYoga form; yoga asanas; breathwork (pranayama); pilates; t’ai chi; energy work (qigong); martial artistry; voice and dance work.

- Creating Exceptional Vinyasas

- Comprehensive and Brilliant Experience of Simple andadvanced body mechanics a safe, creative (naturally!), , fun yoga experience, with one that you can share as a “teacher”

- How to “touch”/ “adjust” with sensitivity and love

- Hosting yoga sessions safely and clearly to all levels.
- Working with” injuries”, pregnancy and specific requirements.

- Expressing Onself and One’s Experience with Asanas/ Physicality/ Breath. How this is an Exemplary Therapy.

- The Theatre of Asanas

- Allowing the energetics to shape the asana/ this energy is this position

- Feeling the/this connective tissue; fascial release work and incorporating it in Sessions, be it private or open classes

- Spirals: being the Creator/ Participation.

- Meditation;

- Dancing with Yoga : Yogic/ Shakti Dance

- Making CYoga movements one’s own; being a creator

- The ramifications of the Essence of CYoga (“this”)

- A CYoga class; seeing the Essence of CYoga as the guide

- Being the boss.

- Going within; transcending form, getting nothingness; understanding that (there is no other)

- Communicating with and without the voice

- The back and front heart

- Understand and be the origin of this/ movement

- Speed

- The Outside I :) How it can refine, expand those Present in a Sessions Yoga!

- Breath work: How it is a meditation

- CYoga Bodywork: i holistic and involves acupressure, yoga, reflexology, physiotherapy, fascial works, meditation, cranial sacral works, energy work, chiropractic and Ayurveda. Hands, feet and elbows apply pressure on energetic points, in combination with gentle stretching, fascial release/ space work, and applied yoga. The foot work covers the reflex zones and a wooden stick can be used.

- The benefits of the natural breath (this is it!)

- Having an amazing Experience :) Energetically/ Physically

- Discussion Topics; Questions and Answers

This is an Exceptional Course. With this Qualification You Envision/ Create the Life you Love.

‘Place of Great Space’ and an ‘All Encompassing Vision’. This ‘Vision Creates Beauty, Love and Absolute Joy’. I ‘Delight in the Ability’ of Form

The CYAQ covers CYoga’s Essence that is This.

This is a limitless vision that transcends form and continues to be the core of the CYoga movement:
The wand waves and magic ….. Thank you everyone for your presence and making this blissful Joy. 1 for all and all for 1. love love

challenge and refinement that an outside I can provide. Furthermore, the experience of working on material with a group of people often leads one to accomplish things that are more difficult to achieve solo.

- The interplay of CYoga’s three energies with more focus on Seeing Through This

- The ramifications of the CYoga Essence

- Awake? I am naturally awake!

- The source; within and without.

- There are no boundaries; .

- This is very simple – there are no complications

- Who am I? Understanding what one is.

- Communication with and without the voice

- Understand and see/ be the origin of this/ movement;

- This It It

- Enlightenment With CYoga
- 1ove, 1ove, 1ove
- Happy Playing
- Creating the life you love
- Joy
- Magic – You are It.


Cyogo Photo Cyogo Photo